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Swahili and Kiswahili Christian Videos

Kiswahili and Swahili are the same language.

The addresses of where you may buy a video in the Swahili language are with the list of addresses of the producers and distributors. The producers and distributors of a video are listed after the title of the video. For example, the first video below Amawele may be bought from Intercomm and Revival Video-Tract. If you have any questions, please contact

Title ~ Producer/Distributors

Amawele ~ Intercomm ~ Revival Video Tract

The Answer ~ Intercomm

The Charm ~ Children's Media Productions ~ Intercomm ~ Great Joy Media Centre ~ Revival Video-Tract

Clean Outside, Clean Inside (Safi Nje, Safi Ndani) ~ Good News Productions International - Africa

The Courtship Game (Mchezo wa 'Courtship" ~ Good News Productions International - Africa

From Death to Life (Kifo hadi Uzima) ~ Good News Productions International - Africa

The Hiding Place ~ Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ~ Handclasp Media

Invest in Life (Weka Rasilmali katika Maisha) ~ Good News Productions International - Africa

Jesus ~ Jesus Film Project

Jonah & The Big Storm ~ Intercomm

Joshua & The Promised Land ~ Intercomm

Listen Please (Sikia Tafadhali) ~ Good News Productions International - Africa

The Living Word ~ Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ~ Handclasp Media

Mafichoni ~ Handclasp Media

The Living Word ~ Handclasp Media

Pilgrim's Progress ~ Intercomm

Priesthood of all Believers (Ukuhani) ~ Good News Productions International - Africa

Progress Stove (Jiko la Maendeleo) ~ Good News Productions International - Africa

Responsibility (Jukumu) ~ Good News Productions International - Africa

Samuel's Problem (Shida ya Samweli) ~ Good News Productions International - Africa

Some Through the Fire ~ Intercomm

True Religion or Which Kind of Religion is best?(Dini Gani Inayofaa?) ~ Good News Productions International - Africa

World without Christians (Dunia bila Wakristo) ~ Good News Productions International - Africa

Zawadi ~ Intercomm ~ Revival Video Tract

Addresses of Suppliers of Swahili Videos

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA)
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA)
Worldwide Pictures
1201 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55403 USA

PO Box 59235
Minneapolis, MN 55459-0235 USA
Churches/public showings: 1-800-733-4997
Home entertainment: 1-800-501-4557
Canada home entertainment: 1-800-661-9467
Canada: 1-800-567-5918
Wholesale or to broadcast: 1-800-788-0442
Free video catalog: 1-800-734-2323
Local phone number: (612) 338-3335
Worldwide Pictures 1-800-745-4318
You can also purchase WWP videos online.

Children's Media Productions
Children's Media Productions
P.O. Box 40400
Pasadena, CA 91114 CA USA
tel: (818) 797-5462
fax: (818) 797-7524
Attn: Ray Carlson

Good News Productions Int'l - Africa
Good News Productions Int'l - Africa
Box 636 Village Market
Nairobi, Kenya

Dramas and teaching lessons on video tape that were produced by Oneal Tankersley in Eldoret, Kenya.

David Lall was invited to again present the Resurrection Day account for national television in India. They did a 15 minute special that was viewed by a government estimated audience of 20 million people on the morning of Resurrection Day itself.They are currently in the midst of preparing 40 videos about the parables of Jesus. Initial response by the 1,950 house churches using the first ones is reported to be very positive.


1. Shida Ya Samweli - (Samuel's Problem) - 50 minutes. This is an evangelistic film that shows the devastating effect that sin has on the life of Samuel - an urban white collar worker in Eldoret. However, when sin has knocked him down to his lowest point, he is then able to respond to the teaching about Jesus. The story basically follows the story in our tract Is Sin Eating You?

2. Dini Gani Inayofaa? - (Which Kind of Religion is best?) - 60 minutes. This is one of our best films - highlighting the difference in two approaches to religion. One way is demonstrated by the con-man John who uses religion to "get" while the genuine Christian, Michael, imitates his Lord as one who "gives" to everyone with whom he comes in contact.

3. Sikia Tafadhali - (Please Listen) - 15 minutes. This video confronts a drunkard through direct appeal from his family and community and through drama that shows how his actions have brought disgrace and poverty to those who depend on him. (also in Kalenjin - see below)

4. Jiko La Maendeleo - (Progress Stove) - 15 minutes. This is a swahili dub of our kalenjin film, "Chepkube," that uses the horror of burned children to motivate and then instruct parents to build a safer wood burning stove in their homes. An 8 page instruction booklet on how to build the stove is also available to use with the video.

5. Kifo Hadi Uzima - (From Death to Life) - 45 minutes. Drunkeness and sin bring trouble upon trouble to a rural Kenyan family culminating in the death of a child. This tragedy, however, serves as a wake up call to the family and they respond to Jesus. But life is not easy as the temptations to go back are ever present. Each individual and the family as a whole have to learn how to walk with Christ in the midst of a sinful world.

6. Jukumu - (Responsibility) - 15 minutes. This drama deals with the problem of young men fathering children with their girlfriends and then claiming no responsibility towards the girls or their babies. The video explores different senerios on how this problem should be dealt with and emphasizes the message that a man is responsible before God for the children he brings into the world. The film follows closely the story in our tract Have You Fathered A Child And Then Run Away?

7. Kanisa la Kristo ni Nani? - (Who Are The Church of Christ) - 20 minutes. This film tries to explain who we are as a fellowship and to show the value of the Restoration ideal of following Jesus Christ according to the faith and practice of the New Testament.

8. Dunia Bila Wakristo - (No Christians) - 60 minutes. Juma thinks he has no need for God and is quite annoyed by all the Christian people around him. In a drunken stupor he wished that Jesus had never been born and that there were no Christians. Through a dream, Juma discovers what Africa might be like if Jesus had never been born and wakes up with a life changing appreciation for the impact that Jesus has had on the world and on individual lives.

9. Ukuhani - (Priesthood) - 30 minutes. Zakayo and his wife are fresh out of preaching school and everyone expects the work of the church to really go forward. However, their eagerness to use their education intimidate the other Believers and they begin to leave all the work up to the preacher and his wife. Everyone is frustrated until a wise elder helps them remember that all Believers are priests before God and are called to use their gifts in His service.

10. Mchezo wa "Courtship" - (The Courtship Game) - 35 minutes. In a playful Narrator/teacher to actors format, basic Christian teaching and culturally appropriate common sense instruction regarding proper male - female relationships is taught to a group of 3 couples. An emphasis is laid on the reasoning behind sexual purity and on involving parents, and the church in the courtship process.

11. Safi Nje, Safi Ndani - (Clean Outside, Clean Inside) - 45 minutes. Stephen and his friend are disgusted by the piles of rubbish seen everywhere in their community. However, while others are content to just complain about it, Stephen feel compelled by his commitment to Christ to lead a clean up campaign. Surprisingly, he finds that many feel that cleaning up the environment only the responsibility of the government, while they continue to throw rubbish in the street. Stephen convinces his community that it is everyone's responsibility to clean up their area. Because he is successful in cleaning up the outside, a non-Christian friend opens his heart to hear Stephen teach him that Jesus want to clean up also - on the inside.

12. Deni Tusiloweza Kulipa - (The Dept We Cannot Pay) - 5 minutes. This modern parable is about a farmer swamped in debt who is about to lose his farm. At the critical moment his neighbor walks into the bank and pays his debt. The narrator teaches about how Jesus has paid our debt of sin - a debt we cannot pay ourselves.

13. Moyo wa Esta - (Esther's Heart) - 9 minutes. Targeting the rural drunkards - this parable is about Esther - a women who has let her heart become full of every evil thing. When she finally gets to the end of her rope, she cries out for help. A neighbor women hears her and helps her to clean up her heart and life. The narration ties this story to the clean up job that Jesus wants to do in our hearts - if we will let Him.

14. Dunia, Mtu, na Mtajiri - (The World, The Man, & The Boss) - 25 minutes. In this "Pilgrim's Progress" type allegory, a man looking for happiness decides to invest with "The World Agency." Before long he finds his dreams dashed and his energy spent. The agent at "The Eternal Truths" office offers hope that his boss might be able to help - but with no cheap fix - it will cost the man all that he has.

Habari Maalum TV/Video
Habari Maalum TV/Video

Habari Maalum Television (HMVTV) in coordinating video distribution between the two companies.

HMVTV will be helping to distribute Billy Graham Evangelistic Assocation (BGEA) movies in Tanzania. They are also distributing Sabina's Encounter and are eager for the Swahili version.

Distribution has become a big part of MTR. MTR also has other organizations helping them to distribute BGEA and MTR videos in places MTR can't necessarily get to.

MTR is also helping HMVTV to distribute their Swahili videos in Kenya. The combination of video and God's word is spreading like wild fire through East Africa.

Handclasp Media
Handclasp Media
Media Technology Resources (MTR)
Box 76374
East Africa
Asian Video Released

HCI's Nairobi office, Media Technology Resources, announced the release of Search for Truth, a video documenting the conversions of several East Africa Indians to Christianity. The video includes the stories of three Muslims, one Hindu, a Sikh and a Jain. Over Christmas, the video was aired on Kenyan TV as part of a TV special targeted to Asians. This will soon be available in the USA in NTSC VHS and for broadcast opportunities on cable networks.

children's TV program, Lift Jesus Higher, on Kenyan TV Distribution has become a big part of MTR. MTR also has other organizations helping them to distribute BGEA and MTR videos in places MTR can't necessarily get to.

MTR is also helping HMVTV to distribute their Swahili videos in Kenya.


Jesus Film Project

Revival Video-Tract
Revival Video-Tract
PO Box 42905
Nairobi, Kenya
(English PAL, Kiswahli)

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