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Hungarian Christian Video Directory

The addresses of where you may buy a video in the Hungarian language are with the list of addresses of the producers and distributors. The producers and distributors of a video are listed after the title of the video. For example, the first video below A Boy Named David may be bought from Intercomm and STV Videos. If you have any questions, please contact

Title ~ Producer/ Distributors

A Boy Named David ~ Intercomm ~ STV Videos

Cry from the Mountain ~ Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Great Dinosaur Mystery ~ Films for Christ

Daring Daniel ~ Intercomm ~ Child Evangelism Fellowship/Hungary

Elijah & the Fire From Heaven ~ Intercomm ~ Child Evangelism Fellowship/Hungary

Jesus ~ Campus Crusade for Christ ~ Jesus Film Project

Jonah & the Big Storm ~ Intercomm ~ Child Evangelism Fellowship/Hungary

Joni ~ Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Journey of Life ~ Multi-Language Media ~ Bibel Mission

The Living Word ~ Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Miriam & Baby Moses ~ STV Videos

Pagan Invasion #1 ~ Jeremiah Films

Professor & the Prophets ~ Bibel Mission

Telling Kelli ~ STV Vidoes

Where the Waters Run ~ Bibel Mission

Addresses Hungarian Video Suppliers

John Barfoot

He has been working on children's videos for Child Evangelism Fellowship and has at least two nearly completed in Hungarian: Jeremiah's life entitled, You have been Warned and Joseph's life, God meant it for Good. He is willing to put the voice on in other languages if people can help him translate and record.

Bibel Mission
Bibel Mission
Birkenstrasse 2- 5
63868 Grosswallstadt

tel: (49) 06022-25271
fax: (49) 06022-25260

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA)
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA)
Worldwide Pictures
1201 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55403 USA

PO Box 59235
Minneapolis, MN 55459-0235 USA
Churches/public showings: 1-800-733-4997
Home entertainment: 1-800-501-4557
Canada home entertainment: 1-800-661-9467
Canada: 1-800-567-5918
Wholesale or to broadcast: 1-800-788-0442
Free video catalog: 1-800-734-2323
Local phone number: (612) 338-3335
Worldwide Pictures 1-800-745-4318
You can also purchase WWP videos online.

Child Evangelism Fellowship/Hungary
Child Evangelism Fellowship/Hungary
John and Faye Rueck
3529 Miskolc
Leszih Andor u. 25/3/4

Films for Chirst / Eden Communications
Films for Chirst / Eden Communications
1044 N. Gilbert Rd.
Mesa, Arizona 85202 USA

ph: (602) 497-8200
ph: (800) 332-2261
fax: (602) 497-8001

The reports of the showings of their videos on television in Russia, and personal showings in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan can be read at: has descriptions and reviews of many Christian videos on their web page.


Jesus Film Project

Multi-Language Media
Multi-Language Media
P.O. Box 301
Ephrata, PA 17522 USA
(717) 738-0582

They have an excellent resource catalog for books, pamphlets, audio cassettes (teaching and music), Bibles, videos, the Bible on CD, Bible studies and language learning in many languages.

STV Videos
STV Videos
Dave Armstrong
PO Box 299
Bromley, Kent
United Kingdom
tel: 0181 464 4287
Tex/Fax: 0208 464 4287

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