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Danish Christian Videos

The addresses of where you may buy a video in the Danish language are with the list of addresses of the producers and distributors. The producers and distributors of a video are listed after the title of the video. For example, the first video below "Adam & Eve" may be bought from Felix Films. If you have any questions, please contact

Adam & Eve (Adam & Eva) ~ Felix Films

(1) Forpligtelse
(2) Konflikt
(3) Intimitet
(4) At Tjene

Adventures in Odyssey (Eventyn Odyssey) Focus on the Family ~ Felix Films

(1) De Rejsende Riddere
(2) Fuld Rart Mod Malet

*Adventures in Odyssey #1: The Knight Travelers
*Adventures in Odyssey #2: A Flight to the Finish

Alene I Morket ~ Felix Films

Bag Murene ~ Felix Films

Bamboo in Winter (Bambus Om Vinteren) ~ Felix Films

Blind Heaven ~ Mustard Seed ~ Felix Films

Christiana (subtitled) ~ Felix Films

Dagbog I Vildmarken ~ Felix Films

Den Eviggronne Sko ~ Felix Films

Den Fantastike Bo ~ Bridgestone ~ Felix Films

Den Forste Sten ~ Felix Films

Den Fortabte ~ Felix Films

Den Ubudne Gaest ~ Mike Pritchard ~ Felix Films

Den Vilde Papegojejagt ~ Felix Films

Denne er Dagen Moody ~ Felix Films

Det Mystiske Lys Over Navajovjerget ~ Henning Hellwing

Detektivklubben ~ Focus on the Family ~ Felix Films

Detektivklubben 2 ~ Felix Films

Du er det Vaerd ~ Felix Films

Elsdyrjagten ~ Gospel Films ~ Felix Films

En Skygge Af Tvivl ~ Felix Films

Fanget ~ Felix Films

Fanny Crosby (subtitled) ~ Felix Films

Flaskens Magt ~ Felix Films

For At Verden Ma Vide... ~ Felix Films

Forskellige Videopriser ~ Felix Films

The Forth Wise Man (Den Fjerde Vismand) ~ Felix Films

Gasebakkebanden Og Spogelset ~ Family Films ~ Felix Films

Helten ~ Edvard T. McDougal Films ~ Felix Films

Hudson Taylor (subtitled) ~ Felix Films

Hvad er Homoseksualitet ~ Felix Films

Hverdagens Helte ~ Mustard Seed ~ Felix Films

Hvil I Fred ~ Felix Films

Indhentet af Fortiden ~ Omega Film ~ Felix Films

Isen er Usikker Pa Afgrundens Rand ~ Felix Films

Jeremys Stjerne/Stalddrengens Jul ~ Felix Films

Jesus - Manden der Aendrede Historien ~ Campus Crusade for Christ ~ Jesus Film Project ~ Felix Films

Julens Rode Stovler ~ Felix Films

Korsvejen ~ Felix Films

Landevejsridderen/ Onsdagsbarnet ~ Felix Films

Last Chance Detectives #1 ~ The Mystery Lights of Navajo Mesa ~ Felix Films

Livet Pa Kontrakt ~ Felix Films

Love Note (subtitled) ~ Felix Films

McGee & Me (McGee og Mig!) Focus on the Family ~ Felix Films

(1) Den Store Logn
(2) Den Uheldige Flugt
(3) Skateboard-Duellen
(4) Tornadoen Kommer
(5) Tilbage til Tegnebordet
(6) Klar, Parat-Vaelg Smart!
(7) Tab Og Vind Med Samme Sind
(8) Den Tredje Vismand

*McGee and Me ~ Focus on the Family ~ Felix Films
*(1) The Big Lie
*(2) A Star in the Breaking
*(3) The Not-So-Great Escape
*(4) Skate Expectations
*(5) Twister & Shout
*(6) Back to the Drawing Board
*(7) Do the Bright Thing
*(8) Take Me out of the Ball Game
*(9) Twas the Fight Before Christmas

Mens Verden Venter ~ Felix Films

Mine to Share/The Rock that Doesn't Roll ~ Bagster Video ~ Felix Films

Mormon Dilemna (Mormonens Dilemma) ~ Jeremiah Films ~ Felix Films

New Age - ... I et Nyt Lys ~ 2100 Productions ~ Felix Films

Ornen ~ Felix Films

Oslo Gospel Choir Concert (Koncert med Oslo Gospel Choir) ~ EO Holland ~ Felix Films

Outsideren ~ Felix Films

Pa Flugt ~ Mustard Seed ~ Felix Films

Pa Vej Mod Malet ~ Felix Films

Pilgrim's Progress (subtitled) ~ Felix Films

Pilgrimsvandringen 1 del+ 2 del ~ Felix Films

Pip ~ Felix Films

Ruth Og Filip ~ Childrens Media Productions ~ Felix Films

Sammy ~ Felix Films

Savnet ~ Gospel Films ~ Felix Films

Skjulestedet ~ Felix Films

Sorn En Tyv Om Natten ~ Felix Films

Stengrunden ~ Felix Films

Step Over the Edge (subtitled) ~ Felix Films

Tanglewoods Secret (Sneens Skatte - en Familiefilm) ~ Childrens Media Productions ~ Felix Films

That the World May Know ~ Felix Films

Til Salg ~ Felix Films

Tryllekunstnerens ~ Felix Films

Ven Eller Fjende ~ Evangelical Films ~ Felix Films

Witnesses of Jehovah (Jehovas Vidner) ~ Jeremiah Films ~ Felix Films

The World That Perished (16mm) ~ Films for Christ

Suppliers of Danish Christian Videos

Campus Crusade for Christ
Campus Crusade for Christ
International Headquarters
100 Sunport Lane
Orlando, Florida 32809 USA
ph: (407) 826-2800
orders: (800) 432-1997

Ask for New Life Resources.

Films for Chirst / Eden Communications
Films for Chirst / Eden Communications
PO Box 200
Gilbert, Arizona 85299 USA
ph: (800) 332-2261
ph: (480) 507-3621
fax: (480) 507-6777

The reports of the showings of their videos on television in Russia, and personal showings in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan can be read at: They have descriptions and reviews of many Christian videos on their web page.

Focus on the Family International
Focus on the Family International
8605 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920 or 90920 USA
(800) A-FAMILY (232-6459)
(719) 531-3400

Has a large list of Christian videos regarding the family.

Forlagsgruppen Lohse

Indre Mission

Jesus Film Project
On their web page, it has a list of all the languages available for the "Jesus" video.

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