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Czech Video Directory

The addresses of where you may buy a video in the Czech language are with the list of producers and suppliers. The producers and distributors of a video are listed after the title of the video. For example, the first video below "Adventures in Odyssey" may be bought from the Focus on the Family and Rosa. If you have any questions, please contact

Please contact if you have any questions.

Title ~ Producer/Distributor

Adventures in Odyssey ~ Focus on the Family ~ Rosa

(1) Flight To The Destination ~ Focus on the Family ~ Rosa
(2) Wandering Knights = Focus On The Family ~ Rosa

Apointment with the Bible (Part 1-6)(Bible teaching programs)(from Germany) ~ Rosa

Apointment with the Bible (Part 1-7)(Bible teaching programs)(from Germany) ~ Rosa

Barabas ~ Rosa

Ben-Hur ~ Rosa

Bible: Abraham ~ Studio V ~ Rosa

Bible: Genesis (Creation to Genesis Flood) ~ Studio V=Rosa

Bible: Jacob ~ Studio V ~ Rosa

Bible: Joseph ~ Rosa

Bible: Moses ~ Studio V ~ Rosa

Bible: Old Testament / New Testament ~ Rosa

Bible Meeting 1-6 ~ Rosa

Bible Meeting 7-12 ~ Rosa

The Birth of the Lord, Jesus' Miracles ~ Studio V

Broucci (Beetles with Lights) ~ Rosa

Broucci 2: Adventure on the Woodcutting Place ~ Rosa

Catholicism-Crisis of Faith ~ Good News for Catholics ~ Studio V

Christianity vs. Religion ~ Jeremiah Films ~ Rosa

Creation, David and Goliath ~ Rosa ~ Studio V

Cross and the Switchblade ~ Krestansky Zivot ~ Studio V

Cry from the Mountain ~ Billy Graham Evangelistic Asoociation ~ Rosa ~ Studio V

Dust or Destiny ~ Multi- Language Media ~ Bibel Mission

Great Dinosaur Mystery ~ Films for Christ ~ Studio V

Hard Truth ~ Studio V

The Hiding Place ~ Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ~ Rosa

Hockey Beyond Belief ~ Rosa *add

Hockey II: Play the Game ~ Rosa

Hudson Taylor ~ Intercomm ~ Rosa

Jehovah's Witnesses ~ Jeremiah Films ~ Studio V ~ Rosa

Jeremiah = Davay ~ STUDIO-V ~ ROSA

Jesus ~ Campus Crusade for Christ ~ Jesus Film Project

Jesus of Nazareth part 1 ~ Studio V ~ Rosa

Jesus of Nazareth part 2 ~ Studio V ~ Rosa

Joni ~ Billy Graham Evangelistic Asoociation ~ Rosa ~ Studio V

The Living Word ~ Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Man without Equal ~ Campus Crusade for Christ

Miracle of Creation (3 videos) ~ Rosa

(1) Planet Earth
(2) Kingdom of Animals
(3) Human's Body

Mormons ~ Rosa

Origins (6 part series) ~ Films for Christ ~ Krestansky Zivot ~ Studio V ~ Rosa

(1) The Origin of the Universe
(2) The Earth, a Young Planet?
(3) The Origin of Life
(4) The Origin of Species
(5) Origin of Mankind
(6) The Fossil Record

Pilgrim's Progress ~ Intercomm ~ Rosa (only distributor)

Power Play ~ Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Professor & the Prophets ~ Bibel Mission

Red River of Life ~ Bibel Mission

Safe Children ~ Rosa

Shadowlands ~ Rosa

Wonders of God's Creation ~ Rosa

The World that Perished ~ Films for Christ ~ Studio V

List of Producers/Suppliers

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