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Video Projectors:Where to Buy

Video Projectors (Where to Buy, Saving Money, Advice)

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If possible, I recommend that you see the video projector before buying it. If you buy an inexpensive video projector, you might be disappointed in the quality of the picture. Please remember that if the place where you use it is not real dark, you need more brightness or ansi lumens to get a good picture.

The information below is based upon research by Fowler Productions, the largest distributor of video projectors to churches in the USA. Please notice that every year you get more ANSI lumens for your money and some info below might be obsolete over time.

From talking to a salesman at Fowler Productions, the best value/quality for the price is

  1. Panasonic
  2. Mitsubishi
  3. Sony

In the Ultra Portable Price Range-great for on the road presenations in the 1000 to 2000 ANSI Lumens (the measure of brightness) range the best values are

In the Portable Price Range -Easy to Move Between Classes and Other Rooms

In the Medium Venue-Recommended for Small to Medium Auditoriums with Controlled Lighting Conditions

Om the Large Venue- Recommended for Medium to Large Auditoriums, or Facilities with Special Lighting Conditions

One of the best places to buy video projectors in the USA is

Fowler Productions
3308 Broce Ct.
Norman, OK 73072
Call: 1-800-729-0163
Fax: 1-800-445-2845

Fowler Productions specializes in video and data projectors. It is owned by Christians. They sell Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Sony and Sanyo. They sell NTSC and PAL video projectors. They usually give good, experienced advice.

Sometimes Fowler Productions has closeouts.

They also sell projectors, dual screen auditorium workstations, vcrs, song show plus worship presentation software (, creative interlude graphics package, all the cables and interfaces, manuals, etc.. for churches and missionaries. They sell electric, portable, permanent and manual screens. They sell projection stands, travel cases, overhead projectors, worship software, remote controls, and portable PA systems. They sell song show plus worship presentation software, other worship software, creative interlude graphic resources to use with video projectors and books on the media ministry.


Galcom International

Galcom International
contact: Allan McGuirl
65 Nebo Rd
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
18W 2C9
905-574-4626, fax: 905-574-4633

Galcom is a service to missionaries and unreached peoples. They specialize in fix tuned radios and low power radio stations. Allan also helps with advising missionaries on video projectors and other equipment for outreach. They also sell video projectors. They sell NTSC and PAL video projectors. Allan is interested in developing new technology to help reach the unreached.

Obtaining PORTABLE Video Projectors

If you are interested in a portable video projector for overseas outreach, contact Nick at 724-275-9910. He can also supply you with batteries, etc.

Try also Bill at Outreach International: check out or call 970-249-0306. They also help set folks up with projectors and all the other equipment for outreach.

Other places

Other places that sell video projectors are

B & H Photo

Smile Photo

Smile Photo usually has real good discounts on video projectors.

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